Sunday, February 11, 2018

The bells of the city

Two towers in the north, two to the south, one east, one west. The eastern and western tolling at sunrise and set respectively, the other four tolling, in a tumbling cacophony throughout the city, at the zenith of the day. As the clamour of the chimes intensifies there is a crush of people in the plazza before the tower and the iron bound doors swing open. A figure of unnaturally large aspect strides forth, cloaked in layers of  brightly coloured silks contrasting and pinned between the thick felted festoonery. The size of the hooded being suggests that their ancestry may contain visitors from the plane of Zerasel, which is in keeping with the following actions, as they strew ceremonial salt from within the odd raiment. A blessing upon the crowd, pebbles of variegated colour and size but all baring the faint mineral aroma of yellow mountain salt. Sacred to the old ones of the region but foul to eat it is said to bring good luck within the city. There is another rumour that the pilgrim  leaving the confines of that city without the proper ablutions, their luck turns into the vilest curse. This, it is said, was the root of  Arr-Bshla the boy-king's madness.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Er-Arr-Banyan, is Directly translated as "city of the two-faced god". Not the divinity some called Yanoos (who's two faces see the future and the past simultaneously) but an older one worshiped only by the decendents of salt-demons and cave folk, a god of luck and unluck, with one face smiling and another scowling. This God's faces grace both sides of the city's coin. Some cities are built at the mouths of rivers, nurtured and cleansed by the waters. Others, surrounded by rich fields and girded by fecund fruit trees, are situated along routes of trade or political significance. Er-Arr-Banyan, it was said, was only a place to flip a coin with neither beautiful situation, convenient location or any blessing or favour from the acknowledged pantheon of human civilizations. Perched on a basalt configuration at the end of an evil road it nonetheless reached upward with garishly tiled spires and six belltowers casting their long shadows through the delineated boroughs of the city. With no industry, trade or craft the economy of the city was solely based on games of chance and the worship of the twofaced god of furtune, Arbaniban.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seed idea

In a single sentence: economic picaresque set in mythic Central Asia.

Inevitable pitfall: orientalism…

Monday, July 4, 2016

Wisdom of the All-Mother

Pride and rage are two splendid oxen. Use them often but never on the same yoke.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Imprecation upon the haughty

How dares an oath breaker preform rites within the crumbled walls!

Vile son of the false friend you are accursed!

Be gone from the uneasy resting place of these my people!

Would that I had had one more festival of oaths the fish would jump and the buckwheat flourish. And your people should reside in the untended graves.