Friday, January 30, 2015

Scrying Vase

Oamnoi Scrying Vase
An artifact of the Oamnoi nation, findable in the tumuli of the blood plains. Excellent silver craftsmanship portraying the leaves of  vedwort bush.
materials value: 300 silver bits
to a collector worth 90 gold bits
to a magic user who knows how to use it 300 gold bits
Arcana/History Check
The inside lip has engraved upon it "rau" on one side and "waellu" on the other. One familiar with coastal human languages cognate with Oamnoi will deduce that this represents weal and woe.
The only clue as to how to use the scrying vase is the leaves in the decoration. To use fill the vase with vedwort leaves and shake, the leaves will statically cling to either the rau or the waellu. If its being held by a character with any magic ability it has the chance to telepathically give a vague indication of the source of the weal or the woe.

Requires no attunement to use and only emits the faintest magic aura. Any scrying vase found in an Oamnoi tomb is likely to have no more than 1d6 charges left.

Monday, January 26, 2015

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