Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NPC: Hailec priestess of Bogomaš

Devotee of the trickster saint, this bearded cleric is also a hobbyist mycolog. As is the custom among Bogošme she always greets travellers with two truths and a lie. A jovial and slightly unpredictable attitude pervades all Bogošme rites and this is the persona expected to be adopted by their priests.
Hailec is a skilled healer, learned scholar (at least in the party line theology of bogomaš), and a gentle soul under her jocularity.

What she knows
Cool stuff about mushrooms I.e. söpplungr and how to identify hallucinogenic ones.

What she wants
A relic for the shrine.

What happens to her
Either wild-touch, lunagrub or exsanguination.

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