Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ghost of an Oamni Woman

In life Pempith was a bonded worker to the Aiolarch clan. Her brutal death was at the hands of the dwarven invaders and of the few words intelligible from her ancient dialect are "pjolifi", dwarf, and "mithna-nok" have mercy. She can be seen fishing for a lost amulet in the river every night. If her amulet is returned to her she attains rest (it is baled up in one of Migimulli's pellets). If she sees Yoik the dwarf she will begin to shriek "pjolifi" extremely loudly. If she has the opportunity she will attempt to posses him. Her withering touch attack is considerably too powerful to put against the party so I intend to drop the to-hit to +3 and the necrotic damage to 3d6, the horrifying visage will remain the same and the possession recharge as well (except I want to up the chance of the possession to 5-6).
The seahorse in section 174 is the amulet  in question. Also the rabbit in 176 is magical ... Tbd how.

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