Monday, June 29, 2015

Khemsa's girdle

A magic item drawn from Robert e Howard's "people of the black circle", Khemsa's girdle is braided out of thick hair that appears to be human interwoven with small bits of jewels. I haven't quite figured out attunement for it yet, perhaps it only attunes to chaotic characters รก la Conan. The girdle grants its wearer advantage on saves vs illusion magic but also has  the chance of deflecting damage onto nearby allies in combat situations. The damage deflection activates on a 5 or 6 of a d6 and will apply the damage otherwise inflicted upon the wearer to an adjacent combatant whether friend or foe. In the event that there are multiple combatants adjacent the target may choose the direction of the deflection but may not choose to forego the effect to avoid injury to allies.

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