Thursday, July 23, 2015

The library of Yushek the breeder

Treatises on the square root of two and dynamic wickednesses 
-This Tome uses mathematical proofs to bolster chaotic evil philosophies. Every day the book is read from the reader must make an opposed intelligence check versus the book (the book has a +2  int modifier). On a failed save the reader is sucked further into the arguments extolling willful wickedness. this may manifest in a change in the character's personality or it may be treated as a intelligence drain reducing a point of int per failed check. 

Missives from a salt merchant
-The missives are a series of letters written during the high River dynasty detailing a salt merchant's passage through the District. It includes tidbits of information about the fish eaters' culture as well as hints to secret smugglers' routes and perhaps clues to the location of a buried treasure.

Bestiary of the high river dynasty 
-this work contains information about a number of beasts and monsters native to the area including, myconids, cockatrice, nothics among others.

Imprecatory melodies 
-This series of short songs serve as curses which may be sung out at any time, but if the spell level exceeds that of the caster a cr of 10+spell level save must be passed or the caster must take on a level of exhaustion.

Poems by an anonymous slave
-The forward explains the erotic nature of the poems within to be an astrological allegory. Throughout the work there are marginal notes scrawled in gnomish if translated they turn out to be mostly rude. If some actual text is needed use this:

Tractate Oamn: Primitive religion among the Oamnoi
-the first chapter outlines the basic structure of the Tritheistic faith of yore. The next three chapters detail the cultus of each god, Pern the thunderer, Ulla the river source, and Melmag the sea-king. The rest of the work explores the priestly task of balancing the three forces.

Magnetism of the hidden moon
-"like a ghost, the dark moon passes through the five houses. She dances in the manner of a buckwheat queen at harvest with her suitors both drawn to and afraid of her majesty."
This ancient tome suggests that whosoever might divine the position of the hidden moon might tap into its supernal current.

Spores of truculence: the roots of fungal aggression 
-Everything you ever wanted to know about sentient mushrooms, sinister slimes and evil oozes including identification resistance and use thereof.

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