Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wild magic sorcerer variant: astro-mage

As much as the idea of the wild magic sorcerer really got me excited when I read the 5E PHB, I found the D100 list of Random effects to be not quite what I was looking for. I'm not sure if it was just not quite thematic enough for me or if some of the effects were just too off-the-wall. So when one of my players chose the class I made up a d100 list of my own themed around a fantasy zodiac. The idea was that the caster is born under a particular astrological sign which allows them access at random times to bursts of cosmic energy. There are ten signs each with ten effects which are as follows:
The Ram
1,2, glowing horns appear on your head for d6 rounds doing d10+2 bludgeoning damage, attack with proficiency 
3,4, you can see invisible creatures for 10 minutes 
5,6, a bright light shines out from your mouth in a 20' cone doing 3d6 radiant damage, save for half 
7,8,9, you hear a deafening rumble of hooves, everyone save versus thunder or take d10+caster level damage 
10, A star appears in your hand throw it at an enemy to blind them, range 80'
The Fence
11,12, for the next minute at a wall of smoke pops up around you to block any magical attack
13,14, you find yourself able to speak and understand any language for one hour
15,16, healing surge, 5 hp regain for 5 rounds
17,18,19, advantage on saving throws against spells, manifested through a twinkle in the eye
20, you are able to imbue an Ally with advantage on saving throws for three rounds
The Boat
21,22, Time seems to slow down, double your move speed
23,24, all your spells with a casting time of one action become bonus actions
25,26, teleport up to 60 feet provided you can see the destination
27,28,29, you become a fluid like water, interpret this as you will
30,  you become immune to poison, fire, cold and lightning for 10 minutes
The Beast
31,32, you appear to grow fangs, your next hit is a crit 
33,34, take advantage on strength-based ability checks for 10 minutes
35,36, your voice takes on a demonic Growl [advantage on intimidation]
37,38,39, you grow a barbed tail which does 2d6 piercing damage , Save versus poison
40, A shaggy Fox with unaturally long legs and glowing eyes does your bidding [speed 40, bite +5, D8 damage, eight HP]
The Sage
The Crown
The Tree
The Jug
The Mountain
The Serpent 

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