Thursday, May 5, 2016


The priest intones the following and the assembly responds with the bolded text:

The fish swims down and the water gets colder but she doesn't notice. It is her home.
Neither does she notice the lack of air, for the cold water is her air.
She feels the weight of her world the deeper she goes, yet she swims on.
(Monotone chant takes on a singsong quality at this point)
I am like the fish, swimming down into the heart of the goddess. Where there is no light or air and it is heavy and cold. But I am like the fish, feeling no cold only the weight of the goddess. No constriction, only the darkness of her surety. I need no air, I only breath her essence. As I go....
(Rhythmic accompaniment comes in)
Deeper, and deeper, into the deep river.
Deeper, and deeper, into the deep river. I go where a human cannot. I go into holy silence. I go to listen to the beating heart of the river.
(Accompaniment on the rush-zither and vocal-resonator becomes louder until chant is drowned out)

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