Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Origin of words

Among the gods there was one, Dheilpei. She became pregnant and bore 40,000 children at once. Her children would ride around the court in chariots each drawn by six horses, that is, three pairs each. And each horse had a bridle of either gold, silver, bone or lead. When the hooves of the horses echoed on the stones of the heavenly court they would each make a unique sound, every one different according to its colour and bridle. 
The primaeval fisherman,Oano, would go to the court of Dheilpei in his dreams. In the morning he would awaken imbued with new wisdom every day for 100 years. When the dreams ceased Oano realized that he was lonely and so he used the wisdom from the dreams to work magic and transform a school of fish into the first Village. He made each of the fry into a person but, though they had human form, they could not speak or understand and had no wisdom. So Oano formed bridles of gold, Silver, lead and bone and place them in their mouths. With this they were imbued with the gift of poetry and song, and they began to recite beautiful words both day and night.

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