Sunday, November 15, 2015


From time to time in the forest people report finding large elongated humanoid footprints. Not often, and often not reliable sources there are few that pay it much heed. This has not prevented the common proliferation of certain legends of Migimúlli....

Appearance: large of body but always hunched over its skin is thick and rough the colour of sun bleached boulders with pale green and red lichens spreading across its back. Tiny red eyes are eager and observant but betray little understanding. The face grotesque with a dominant beak-like nose and wet black lips.

Temperament: shy but curious it has no concept of it's own strength. Long razor sharp claws are used to inspect and dissect whatever grabs its attention. Migimúlli has roughly the intelligence of a raven and therefore no language.

Pellets: Migimúlli lives to weave the dissected bits of its collection into compact pellets, each about the size of a fifty gallon drum, which it stashes in its lair. When Migimúlli has filled one lair it conceals it and moves on to a new burrow. Some example of things comprising the pellets: human hair, strips of linen, hickory wands, snail shells, dwarven remains, antlers, baby teeth, a roll on the random item table in the phb page 160, a roll on treasure tables from the dmg pages 134, 135, 144, 145, a roll on the tools list in the phb page 154, a rusty weapon (glaive, war pick, trident, morningstar), fish bones, the sacred whip of the Milkweed clan,

Smell: the heavy rich tang of a wet dog 

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