Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NPC: Melga the myconist

Appearance: young human female, in pretty rough condition, what's left of a quincunx of white mud clings to her face, a black rope is tied round her waist thrice  as a belt and a charm against ghosts. Dressed in the common buckskin breaches of a Torenwœli traveler, her loose linen tunic torn and bloodied.

Background: you know Melga to be a wagoneer whose circuit runs from the north woods to Kōlmo's lumber camp via the shepherds' outposts of the foothills. Her parents are recently deceased and  perhaps were moonberry gatherers.

Behaviour: she keeps mumbling some sort of saying "black streaks on grey, stay away, grey streaks on black, don't look back". As soon as she is able she starts rummaging about for her satchel which is in one of the pellets. Once feeling better she is insistent upon making the party a pot of soup.

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