Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The words of Magister Fenlaus Klissthistle have come down to us through the aeons in the form of his encyclopedic opus, “a Taxonomy of the Salubrious”. My aim here is to elucidate certain tidbits of the work which may be of use to a student of herbalism and poisonry. An oft neglected section, hidden in the appendix designated as “ill-advised tinctures and pseudomagery”, deals with the practical uses of the various predatory spore based life-forms included in the genus gelata bituminis known as “puddings” in the vernacular. My intent is to summarize and outline the following topics from Klissthistle's research:

Varieties of Gelata Bituminis

Method of gathering and processing the Gelata Bituminis

Uses of the Gelata Bituminis

Risks of their use

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