Tuesday, February 24, 2015

modes of dress in the dwarven city

Smiths: long felt robes in muted colours. Few ornaments but highly crafted, often bangles. For headgear they wear tallish fez-like caps colour coded to their clan.

Stone workers: leather aprons with miscellaneous straps and chains often accompanied by a zinc breastplate emblazoned with a lucky rune. Staffs with measuring notches are carried at all times.

Beaurocrats: cotton turbans and fur-trimmed caftans, often bespectacled with braided whiskers.

Academics: black and white striped hoods, close cropped beards with long mustaches, starched bonnets and golden earrings.

Priests: tall fur hats and linen robes the arms and neck of which are embroidered with interlaced snakes of blue and gold.

Civic Guards: Patchy beards, geometric tattoos and oilskin breeches, brass helms and often seen smoking long stemmed ivory tobacco pipes.

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