Sunday, February 8, 2015

NPC: Magnon Roash

This noble of the blue tower canton went missing while on a diplomatic journey to Vali. Some might speculate that there are sinister workings afoot. Magnon is best described as cool, aloof but surprisingly cruel when it's neither necessary or useful. His folk are spice growers to the north and occasional raiders of the Sister Hills Mines. 
As is not uncommon among the aristocracy in the Yaswan regions he has some Abbysal ancestry. This is most clearly manifest in his prominent ox horns. To many Yaswan nobles their Abbysal mark is of little concern beyond the vain matters of outward appearance but, as his attendants confirm, to Magnon Roash they are of utmost interest. Magnon has spent years mastering the feondish  tongue and is a competent conjurist in his own right. If only his abilities could take him to that plane of ruthless order where chaos marries hierarchy in bizarre manifestations. But alas even the ancients could only open a door one way, to allow those creatures into our plane but not out.

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