Saturday, February 7, 2015

NPC: The venerable Pjok of the Apple-goose clan

An academic from the Vali school of cosmology. His primary area is the history of the third aeon with special interest in northern border diplomacy. Of course, this means that he has a cursory knowledge of abyssal matters which is actually his passion. He has a modest collection of Yaswan artifacts which reflect this interest: a miniature fiend carved from onyx, a tooth with a bas relief of an abyssal scene and a bag of lead arrow tips which he explains are specifically crafted against fiendish creatures. From Pjok the players can learn about fiends' vulnerability to lead weapons and their resistance to all others as well as their poisonous attacks, also that they are vulnerable to sunlight and tend to gravitate to the highest ranking fiend or summoner in the area (being creatures of strong lawful alignment and little to no individualism).

Pjok's physical description: a fashionable dwarf with the incongruously close cropped bear in the fashion a scholar.  He has a hare-lip and eyes the color of tarnished pewter. His voice is fairly high pitched but he speaks with a thoughtful measured cadence.

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