Sunday, February 8, 2015

Treasure: Lepta's Leaden Dagger

This is the peculiar blade carried by the aspiring young fiend-magician Lepta Ironstone.  The hilt is beautifully ornamented with brass and electrum depicting a tusked creature breathing fire. In contrast to the hilt the lead blade is rather dull and short. She keeps this piece on her person while doing abyssal rites for blood-letting and, as a last line of defence, against her conjurings lest things go awry. Though of uncertain origin Lepta found it amongst the belongings of the Gnomish warlock Carnelian and kept it for herself along with his collection of scrolls.

vs non-fiend d4-1 damage
vs fiend +1 to hit, d6 damage

10 gold bits as a curiosity

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