Saturday, October 17, 2015

Extra Wild Animals

When a humanoid creature is subject to the wild touch of the Tomntoi they Become beastial and vacant but when already wild beasts are touched they become aggressive and unpredictable.
mechanically this is reflected in a recharge ability (5-6) similar to a barbarian rage. On a five or six the beast gains advantage on attack rolls and an increased crit range (18-20), and similar to the reckless attack, rolls against them are also at an advantage. Creatures vulnerable to the wild touch within Torenwœl are as follows: winter wolf (mm340), swarm of snakes (mm338), giant spider (mm328), giant badger (mm323), elk (mm322), boar (mm319), brown bear (mm319), constrictor snake (mm320), strong beak (eagle mm324),

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