Monday, October 26, 2015

Traveling 1.2

I've been thinking that the survival check of increasing difficulty for traveling in the forest might be replaced with a slightly more complex procedure. What I'm thinking would be a combination of random event rolls inter-relating with division of labour tasks. So, there would be three tasks navigation, foraging, and scouting each with it's own DC of increasing difficulty as one goes deeper into the forest. The navigation check would allow travel to continue in the direction desired and if failed would send the players to a random adjacent hex (just roll a d6 for the direction). The foraging check would be required to avoid taking a level of exhaustion (goodberry spell might be able to fudge this one). The scouting check would allow the party to not be surprised by whatever comes up on the event die. 

Event die once in the day and once each night a d6 is rolled. Day: 1, humanoid interaction, 2,3,4, animal interaction, 5,6, wilderness challenge. Night: 1,2, beasts, 3,4, spirits, 5,6, nothing.

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