Friday, October 23, 2015

Lizardfolk hunting triad tactics

Šlxhikštw red-egg, wields the ubiquitous "swamp razor".

The basic working unit of the lizard folk is that of the Triad. So tasks are broken up into a three-way division of labor whether that be hunting, gathering, or work about the community. For example, a hunting Triad would have one lizardfolk to scare up to the quarry one to stalk and track, and a third to dispatch it. 

So how does this factor into party dynamics through game mechanics? it is understood that one lizardfolk is with the main party while his or her two companions are sneakily following along just out of sight in the brush. Should an encounter ensue The two hidden lizardfolk will join the fray but not immediately. How fast they will be able to join the combat relies on their dexterity, a dex mod of 1 waits 1d8 rounds to join, a dex mod of 2 waits 1d6, and 3 waits d4. To compensate for their late position in the initiative they will have an opportunity to enter combat stealthily [a stealth check versus best enemy passive perception].  If successfully stealthy, the wingmen may have their first attack at advantage and may add an extra d6 damage dice to their attack.

This is intended for when all the lizardfolk are controlled by one player otherwise having to potentially wait 8 rounds before joining combat would be a real buzzkill.

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