Saturday, October 24, 2015

Noble family's mausoleum

In life the Aiolarch family were well respected landowners in their time, and their indentured tenants erected a memorial in their honour. This memorial consists of a pool for reflection, The earthly remains of eight adults, funerary "foods", and an attendant for the journey.
The antechamber with the pool contains a mural depicting scenes from the lives of the deceased, despite being extremely faded one can identify agrarian tableau. A close inspection will reveal crude dwarven graffiti written in block runic. Off in a corner a dwarven skeleton lies in a heap, his cause of death apparent upon inspection. With the body lie a greataxe and a haversack of tiny green and red gems and an iron dirk. Everything is coated in a thick layer of dust. On the left is the outline of a door in the stone wall but no apparent latch or keyhole. Though an opening where a wooden door once hung a smaller chamber containing alcoves for clay urns stands off to the right. in this room, at the far end, there is a brass chalice full of ash sitting on a basalt slab. On the wall behind the chalice, a faded fresco of leaping flames. Though the niches are obviously meant to house clay urns most of them are knocked over or broken. On the floor is a pile of silver figurines of fish engraved with a lightning bolt symbol. upon closer observation the fine dust covering them also contains shards of charred bone.

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