Monday, October 19, 2015

NPC: the worshipful Nanaçī

As a young lizardfolk Nanaçī  was appointed as arbiter of the south swamp after bringing a giant petrified chrysalis back from a venture into the penumbra. After serving a ten year term he passed his hemlock staff onto a younger candidate. His illustrious decade of evenhanded judgment gained him the title worshipful, and in his retirement he maintains a high degree of respect among his tribe. Nanaçī acts as something of a diplomat on behalf of the swamp when he is called upon, as in this situation where he represents the tribe at the fire nut Festival. 

Features: large watery eyes, mottled grey  skin, a breathy erudite manner of speaking, and he carries a piece of the petrified chrysalis around his neck on a chain.
What he knows: the extent of this years bad luck including water levels, predators, and weather.

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