Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The wind readers

Torenœli lore has three types of divination: stag dreams, wind reading and egg shells. The most interesting of these would be the wind readers. It is not often that a person is recognized as having the innate ability to understand the voices of the four winds. But certain people seem to be able to discern unique characters in the wind. For example, it is understood that the prevailing West wind which brings the storms in from the coast is a spirit trying to woo the river goddess for the ocean king. It is also generally known that the soft southers coming off the blood-plains carries the faint echoes of departed ancestors. Though it rarely happens low-pressure systems coming from the mountains seem to reverberate grand mysteries and extra planer chatter. While the winds coming down from the Thorn valleys are said to carry more mundane secular and political rumors on its wings. So when a person claims to understand the voices carried in the air it is not considered lightly. On average it seems that a wind reader only comes around once in a generation. 

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