Sunday, August 9, 2015

Effects of eating Lunagrub larvae

Those who accidentally consume the larva of the Lunagrub (known to infest the salubrious moonberries of the deciduous coastal forests especially dark Torenwœl) dance with doom on this random table:

3D8 are rolled, One for effect and one for duration and one for symptoms.
D8 Duration:
1 instant, lasts d4 minute
2 instant, lasts 4d4 minutes 
3 instant, lasts d10 hours
4 instant, lasts d6 day
5 instant, lasts d4 weeks
6 delayed d4 minutes, lasts 2d10 minutes, 
7 delayed d4 hours, lasts 2d10 hours,
8 delayed 2d10 hours, lasts 2d6 days,

D8 effects 
1 advantage on physical skill rolls disadvantage on mental ones.
2 one level of exhaustion 
3 every four hours suffer a seizure & make a dc 12 con save or lose 2d6 hp until cured.
4 start making death saves.
5 lose the ability to speak
6 paralysis 
7 blindness
8 feebleness, make a dc 10 con save before any move or fall prone

D8 Symptoms
1 bleeding ears
2 black bile
3 face starts to peel
4 golf ball sized scabs
5 itchiness 
6 puss under fingernails 
7 teeth fall out 
8 hair falls out
Exploding dice: if you get doubles roll again and suffer further, if you get triples do it twice more.

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