Friday, August 21, 2015

Flavour text for Torenwœl

The circle
The circle is the inhabited part of the forest. It is mostly coniferous long needle pines without much underbrush. The ground  is covered in a thick layer of needles which makes for soft quiet pathways. The tree branches don't start until about ten or fifteen feet off the ground making visibility relatively good. The forest has a dry resinous smell and is often permeated by the swishing sound of branches in the wind. Much of the wildlife is of the burrowing variety, large brown badgers, needle-worms and the like. The outer edge of the forest has the odd preditorial dahrérv (a variety of horned wolf) venturing in from the blood plains, but they rarely hunt prey other than the splendour-elk a beast held sacred by the berry pickers of the northern quadrant. 

The Penumbra 
The penumbra is considered the part of the forest which is safe enough for a capable adult to traverse through during the day but ideally it is avoided to spend the night there. The flora of the penumbra is much thicker with brambles and large leafed ferns. The penumbra contains most of the moon berry groves and the Torenwœli berry harvesters will venture out into it at night but only on the full moon and with great trepidation. The primary fear of the penumbra stems from the difficulty of navigation there combined with the large amount of predators.  Bears and strongbeak swarms wander the penumbra by night and the elusive cockatrice is also known to avail itself of this shady region. Often these beasts become afflicted by the moon beetle larva making them unpredictable and even more dangerous. The lizard folk of the south western quadrant are also known to venture into the penumbra in their hunting triads to harvest eggs orother quarry. And while on friendly terms with the human berry pickers they don't often interact with each other.

The Umbra
People don't venture into the Umbra. This is mostly because the foliage is so thick and the vines so congested that it is not feasible to make passage. Here the ferns of the penumbra grow bigger and taller [some as tall as trees] and their large leaves block out any light from above. Legend has it that there are far worse and more mysterious predators within the Umbra but first-hand accounts are hard to come by.

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