Friday, August 7, 2015

Zuziax & Naryam pseudodruids

East of the pseudodruid settlements on the threshold of the penumbra dwell the brothers Zuziax & Naryam. They eke their living by venturing out into the penumbra and gathering various components for resale in the settlements. A variety of entheogenic spores and wild ungulate mites that they can harvest at certain times fetch a pretty penny from aspiring magic users.
An odd looking pair Zuziax is a tall muscular fellow with a grey bristling beard and a vacant stare, Naryam on the other hand is short with a long moustache, a pronounced overbite and darting eyes. They wear long linen tunics tied about the waist thrice with a black cord according to the custom of superstitious woodlanders. On their heads, close fitting raw-hide caps trimmed with ermine (which is also thought to be lucky.) 

One of the brothers has been injured and their guard dog has been killed by a flock of predatory strongbeaks. In exchange for the service of picking up their new guard dog from Yushek the breeder while they heal up, they offer the PCs information about survival in the Penumbra.

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