Friday, August 28, 2015

NPC: overseer Kolmo

The logging camp on the western edge of the circle of Torenwœl is run by Kolmo. After years of operating the camp for his brothers Kolmo's city manners have been mostly forgotten. Spurning social niceties he's a rough fellow and fiercely practical. For example, though he is neither a scholar or a cleric he wears his beard short, a practice that would have him  ostracized in the city.
The lumber camp is a penal institution meant to provide a way for debtors to restore their place in society. Ever practical, the delvers would balk at the colossal waste of resources inherent in prisons and the dishonour of working with wood makes a term in the lumber camp a suitable deterrent. 
In a way Kolmo's own post at the lumber camp was originally a punishment but his lack of concern for honour and dishonour has made him thrive in the isolated context that would be hell for most delvers.

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