Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sumptuary laws among the dwarven-folk

"A people whose mode of dress instantly communicates rank, status, position and place may spend their efforts on the matter at hand rather than idly jockeying  with introductions and banter" - Melba Magustus magnate of Kêllčeir

The Valean sumptuary laws are too complex for an outsider to fully grasp, they themselves have a difficult time remembering them all. And when one cannot remember the precept it is best to take a cautionary approach, is the commonly held belief. This philosophy of social timidity has effectively created a secondary set of social mores expanding beyond the codified ones. 

Here are a set of very basic guidelines:
The taller the hat the younger the wife in relation to the wearer.
The wider the hat's brim the more husbands.
A sword is only carried by one who us literate.
The colour red is only worn by those in debt.
A veteran of war wears no gold or silver adornment.
A landowner does not go barefoot.
Elaborately styled facial hair is only for  administrators.
One who spends much time underground may display prominent tattoos.
Devotion to ancestors is often displayed on an ornamental breast plate, the breast plate should serve no other purpose.

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  1. Love these. I read your blog whenever I remember it exists. Your ideas are so good.