Saturday, August 22, 2015

Votive breastplates of the devout

Among the dwarven folk the most devout venerators of the ancestors wear votive breastplates hung around the neck. The respective motifs of these breastplates correspond to which figure the wearer has devoted their worship.

Silverbeard devotees wear a plate made of silver often emblazoned with either a bearded face or a shaggy dog or, rarely, Oak leaves. Poor devotees may not be able to afford a silver plate and must use steel instead, for some this is asource of great embarrassment. It would not be uncommon for one of these poorer practitioners to spend a lot of time polishing their breast plate in order to not bring dishonor to the silverbeard name.

Bogomash's emblem is the dragonfly but any flying insect immediately signals his cultus. Bogomashian breastplates tend to be made of the more "flamboyant" alloys such as brass. Bogomash is known as the resourceful, a quick witted prankster whose tales all conclude in irony or surprise.

Gerdagûli is the matron saint of tinkers and is often esteemed by lower class and worker dwarves.  These breastplates tend to be of the less noble materials tin,  pewter, and aluminum. Any sort of tool depicted on a breastplate indicates Gerdagûli.

Méoythr's followers tend to be solemn and contemplative and their breastplates reflect this made of dull zinc without imagery other than a simple rune or two.

The many followers of the more general cult of the council of ancients wear a golden breastplate shaped as a heavenly body. This cult is favoured by merchants and its adherents are not restricted by genealogy. 

 These five groups encompass a large amount of the devout Valeans. There are other groups but only with very small adherence.

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