Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monsters: Söpplungr

These uncanny fungal colonies have the bizarre ability to apparently reanimate corpses. For stats of skeletal fungus slaves use the monster manual entry for myconid spores combined with npc stats in the back of the book for bandits.
The spore slaves must only be employed in furthering the interests of the fungal colony, and these are fairly simple. In order to thrive moisture must be provided to the sovereign, as well as crystalline matter and rotting matter. A healthy colony of söpplungr will support a sovereign "Söpp" which is constantly gassing off clouds of entheogenic spores. At the centre of the Söpp sovereign is the heart of the colony, which is a large stone conglomerated as a byproduct of the gassing off and the crystalline matter. This stone is highly valued and few are extant... But beware, to breath the spores and meet the gods may be more than a mind can handle.

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  1. I've always thought microbial and fungal creatures were so scary and cool. Sovereign "Söpp" is awesome and I really like the idea that they make a kind of gem/pearl in their heart and that the fungus is somehow both fungal and silicon based, like the crystalline matter makes up some part of its anatomy is neat.