Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yushek's library (continued)

Reflections on Mummery in the great woods- mummery was a dramatic art form predating the urbanization of Torenwœl. A set of repeating archetypal characters would get into one of approximately a dozen scenarios divided into humorous tableaux and spiritually uplifting moralistic skits. This book provides, in an albeit terse academic tone, the most common narrative tropes of this artform. A few examples of theses tropes include: Child finds parents having sex outdoors (spiritual allegory), Doctor accidentally kills patient (comedy), Traveller takes a wrong turn and saves the day (moralistic fable), Country person outwits city person  (high symbolic drama), sisters work together to outwit a talking animal (comedy), a wiley aristocrat is unsuccessful at securing good marriages for their offspring (tragedy).

Magus in the Hedgerows 
This work is a country witch's recipe book for agrarian spells etcetera. 
Chapter one wards for livestock .
Chapter two how to appease faekind.
Chapter three hexes against landowners.
Chapter four wards for hunters.
Chapter five/six the acquisition and maintenance of humunculi 

Recipes for salubrious tinctures 
With this book one may brew potions such as: barkskin, Cure light wounds, bear's strength, a love potion of dubious efficacy and a paralyzing agent for hunters to put on their arrowheads. In the forest there is a 70% chance of finding all necessary ingredients within four hours. Of note is the need for cockatrice gizzard in the barkskin potion, the egg of a lizardfolk female in the love potion, and the spores of the Söpplungr's less intense cousin the dholungr in the paralyzing agent.

Druidry of the four directions 
Unlike the current prevalent pseudodruidry primal druidry is built with a symbolic language based around the four directions. This manuscript was penned by the erudite Father Lanobuck in the prewar generation. Though it is only a cursory work it is a dense read and provides a basic metaphysical underpinning for Oamnic thought in general. The benefit of reading this tome is unclear as of yet.

Possession: a guide
How to trade your agency for favours from ghosts. This work is written in dwarven and has been mostly defaced. The first readable page is about halfway in and contains nonsensical onomatopoeia written in block runic. If a hapless individual stumbles upon this book and reads this page they will experience the indwelling spirit of baroness Glitzbein, one of the original invaders of the third aeon.

Untoward allegories
A series of peculiar tales meant to illustrate the true nature of creation. (Contains no useful information)
Quoth the riddle-man
A gnomish riddle book
Transmigrations of the Inner Soul 
Mystical mantras meant to stimulate past life regressions. This type of book was popular among the dwarven elite late in the third aeon which was partially responsible for a flare up of ecstatic practice which in turn sparked the first dwarven war of religion. These mantra books were outlawed but are highly sought after among the extremely devout.

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